about us

we are a mother daughter team who LOVE to strive to shine a little light in this world.  the fact that our love for art and passion for all things creative, has grown into a business we LOVE amazes us daily. we love getting our hands dirty (with paint of course!) and seeing where the blank canvas takes us. each design starts out as a vision in our minds before it's painted as an original painting or drawn and then the design is printed on clothing. sometimes we can see the details so incredibly clear it's scary; other times we put our brush and paint and let our minds run wild. whatever the process, we strive to create designs that bless others. our lives are very similar to the life of a painting. we all start off as blank canvases. throughout our lives different designs and colors are thrown on our canvas; sometimes in beautiful brush strokes, and other times it's slung on with a fury. sometimes our lives don't turn out exactly like we planned...just like the painting. but, there is One who always knows the details of the painting before the first brush stroke is made. just as scripture tells us in jeremiah, there is a plan and a purpose for our life! (jeremiah 29:11). we pray that our designs can give you encouragement and hope that there is a plan and purpose for each of you. let each brush stroke on your canvas of life make a difference and bless others. -- debbie & tracy