about us

Positive message shirts are a wonderful way to spread optimism, encouragement, & kindness wherever you go. Our designs aim to brighten someone's day or inspire them to feel good about themselves. Whether it's a simple "Choose Kindness," or "Flawed & Worthy”, wearing a positive message shirt not only boosts your own mood but also has the potential to uplift others who see it. It's a small gesture with BIG impact, spreading joy one shirt at a time.

In a world where negativity can often overshadow the good, our shirts serve as a reminder that kindness & love still prevail. They are more than just fabric & ink; they are a movement, a statement, & a commitment to making the world a better place, one person at a time. So, the next time you reach for something to wear, choose a message that resonates with your heart & shares a little piece of sunshine with everyone you meet.

we are a family team who strive to shine a little light in this world.  the fact that our love for art & passion for all things creative, has grown into a business we LOVE amazes us daily. we hope you draw inspiration from our designs to be who HE made you to be

 -- debbie, david & tracy (and the rest of the family!!)